Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Spirit of this list since so many years
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Date: 28/02/2017, 4:00 pm
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Midnight Oil

Hi Mathieu, and thanks much for your help that last time in 2002. I had a ticket purchased from Ticketmaster.fr but it was missent and did not arrive until I was actually back home from the Paris show)) 

This time I opted for Zurich of all European venues. You are still not all that far so if I yell for help....

Just kidding, I have a print@home ticket which should work.

Alexei (BTW Belarus, not Ukraine)

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Subject: [powderworks] Spirit of this list since so many years


Hi folks !

Text I let on Powderworkers'facebook page :

2002 - Paris Élysée Montmartre
Some of french "oily" fans - I was part of them - had a rendez-vous before the show. Their unique common point : the powderworks mailing list. They have made a special shirt : "Thank you" with the typography of the Breathe's album and the cover of Capricornia. Rob and Jim, met in the street, liked it.
Via the powderwork's list, an ukrainian powdy asked me to buy a ticket for him. Don't remember his name. Just know that he worked in the american embassy (not sure). I gave him the ticket and he gave me the money behind the Élysée Montmartre 2-3 hours before the show.
This is, for me, the spirit of this list  (and now Facebook page).

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