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Date: 28/02/2017, 8:15 pm
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I sent Jim this list years ago when the boxset idea was first floated. I hope he got some inspiration from it, though I wouldn't expect the Pete solo songs from the Marc Hunter gig or the Jimmy Barnes duet to be included. 
Wedding Cake Island with lyrics is number 1 on my request list. 
I also suggested that anyone who pre-ordered the boxset get a file with mp3's of all the stuff left off the physical release but I guess that stuff is best left for the Dreamworld. 

CD 1- the B-sides 
1.You may not be released (b-side to Forgotten Years)
2.I see you (b-side to Underwater)
3.Heaven and earth (b-side to Cemetry in my mind)
4.Kiss that Girl (bonus track on German version of Capricornia)
5.Ships of Freedom (b-side to In the Valley)
6.No Mans Land (One off single from Gaia project)
7.Kolele Mai (b-side to My Country)
8.Smash the wobbleboard (b-side to Underwater) 
9.Wharf Rat (from Grateful Dead tribute album Deadicated)
10.Land (One off single with Hothouse Flowers, Tragically Hip, Daniel Lanois & Crash Vegas)
11.Instant Karma (live) (b-side to King of the Mountain) 
12.(What's so funny about) Peace Love & Understanding (b-side to Put Down that Weapon)
13....and the band played Waltzing Matilda (live)(b-side to Surfs up Tonight)
14.Pub with no beer (b-side to Redneck Wonderland)
15.Eye Contact (b-side to The Real Thing)
16.Frontier...what frontier? (b-side to White Skin, Black Heart) 
17.Devilfish Shuffle (b-side to Cemetry in my mind) 
18.Kingdom of Flaunt (b-side to Underwater)

CD2 - Rare Recordings 1
1.Know your product (live Saints cover with Horns)
2.(What's so funny about) Peace Love & Understanding (live Nick Lowe cover)
3.We gotta get outta this place (acoustic Animals cover) 
4.the Good son (live Nick Cave cover)
5.Land (live)(just Midnight Oil)
6.Telstar (live)
7.Advance Australia Fair & Birdman (live)
8.Stand your ground (live)
9.Ensemble (live)
10.Turn my head around (live)
11.Disco Cretin (live)
12.Wipeout (live Beach Boys cover)
13.Echo Beach (live Martha and the Muffins cover)
14.Locomotive Breath (live Jethro Tull cover)
CD3 - Rare Recordings 2
1.Bakerman (vocal demo) 
2.Sad Dog Eyes (demo)
3.Khartoum (demo)
4.I want to live here (demo)
5.Parking Station Blues (demo)
6.Ghost (demo)
7.Nothing is easy
8.Untitled # 1 (demo) 
9.Untitled # 2 (demo) 
10.Speak no evil (Pete solo live Dragon cover) 
11.Dreams of ordinary men (Pete & Jimmy Barnes live Dragon cover)
12.April Sun in Cuba (Pete & Ross Wilson & Ian Moss live Dragon cover)
13.Locomotive Breath (Pete & Jimmy Barnes live Jethro Tull Cover)
14.Know your product (Guitar version)


On 28 Feb 2017, at 09:08, Stephan Jänsch stephan.jaensch@gmail.com [powderworks] <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au> wrote:


Well, I certainly wouldn't hope for much that we haven't already heard... So my expectation would be that at least these songs will be in there (in no particular order):

(What's So funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? (would be the first time on CD)

You May Not Be Released

Wharf Rat

Ships of Freedom

Kolele Mai

I See You

Smash the Wobbleboard

Pub With No Beer

Heaven and Earth

Kiss That Girl

Frontier... What Frontier!

Devilfish Shuffle

Kingdom of Flaunt

Then, possibly but less likely:


No Man's Land

Since The Real Thing is not included in the Full Tank I think the studio tracks from that one will also reappear here. Finally, there might be some demo songs that are early versions of released songs (Wedding Cake Island or Bakerman with lyrics would be nice).

Hopefully, the full track list will be out, soon.


Am 25.02.2017 um 23:01 schrieb mossman@pacbell.net [powderworks]:

Does anyone have any idea about the track listing for the rarity, b-side, and unreleased song CDs?