Midnight Oil

Subject: Not a surprise, but wow . . .
From: mossman@pacbell.net
Date: 26/02/2017, 3:21 am

All the posts here around ticket scalping inspired me to do a little research.  Here's my survey of the web on 2/25.  I can account for all the tickets in the theater, available for sale (and more!).  Clearly there is some double counting going on somewhere, but it gives a new perspective on the phrase "sold out".  I myself actually got tickets direct from Ticketmaster (and am not reselling them) so some folks got tickets.  One wonders just how many have been sold to actual attendees at this point?

Fox Theater, Oakland, CA
Midnight Oil
Rough Seating Capacity        2,800
2nd Party Ticket Websites:
  Ticket Network          (382)
  Stub Hub          (681)
  Vivid Seats          (638)
  Ticket Supply          (565)
  Concertfix          (568)
Remaining Seats            (34)