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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Can you believe this!!!!
From: Chris
Date: 24/02/2017, 9:18 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au, Bawolski

A question that might sound a bit rude for those that had issues with the "I'm Not A Robot" verification: Are you pretty infrequent internet users?

The modern "one checkbox" ReCaptcha works by tracking your behaviour on the webpage, even before you engage with the CAPTCHA, to verify that you behave like a human. This includes having passed the test before on other websites (from the same computer or household) - if you have, you're whitelisted for quite a long time and won't have to do anything more than tick the box.

I realise that knowing this now doesn't help much, but perhaps it might make things a little easier for those who struggled with presales - if you're using the same computer next time, you probably won't have to go through the full verification process again.


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I know it's baffling to me.  How did they snap up so many so fast?  I had to go through those stupid robot pictures numerous times before getting two tickets way up in the mezzanine.

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That's pretty disgusting! No wonder I couldn't get loge tickets - there are only 6 rows of them to begin with. I don't know how they do it, considering all these I'm not a robot pictures you have to mark....

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I know a lot of you may belong to the Powderworkers FB page, but if not wanted to share this unbelievable info.
The Wiltern only holds 1,850.

"Just looked at StubHub as of 1:30pm PST for the Los Angeles show at The Wiltern...There are 232 floor tickets, 91 loge tickets, and 96 Mezzanine tickets available from $76-$200 per ticket. That is 419 tickets just from the allocated presale tickets. This scalping is getting so ridiculous. There really needs to be a fix of the whole system."