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Subject: Re: [powderworks] question about DVDs in the boxed sets...
From: Bawolski
Date: 18/02/2017, 1:40 am
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I was concerned about the DVDs also, but it's the Region issue that worries me.  I have a DVD player that will play PAL, 
but if they are Region 4 that is a problem.  Seems like they could easily make the discs "all region," but since they 
didn't do that with their last DVD release (Black Rain Falls) it concerns me.  Would have been nice to know this 
info before ordering.  

With such a limited amount of box sets being produced (per their website), one would think that the material will
eventually be available either separately or perhaps in a "not quite as super" deluxe box.  


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Subject: [powderworks] question about DVDs in the boxed sets...

Hello, P'workers!

I desperately want the Overflow Tank, but need info before deciding to buy.  Does anyone know if the DVDs in the box sets will play on US/Canadian players (NTSC)?  Or are they the UK/AUS/etc system (PAL)?  I can't justify buying stuff I can't play except on a PC...

In fact, I'm kind of annoyed that the Oils have decided that the only way for fans to get new material is to be in an income bracket that supports hugely expensive box sets.  Not that the sets aren't a good value, but on my budget I'd forego the DVDs in the Overflow Tank and just buy the 4 CDs if I could.  Also, selling hugely expensive sets without full tracklistings for each disk available is kind of sketchy.  :-/

Hopefully the individual CDs of unreleased/rare audio will be made available independent of the Overflow Tank. 


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