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Subject: Space farm video clip
From: winnie le pinguin
Date: 10/02/2017, 10:00 pm
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hey powdies

in the video clip of "space farm", do you know who is the guy who said "space farm" during the song ? an unknown person or a member ?

he looks like pete garrett more older but it's not him i think

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Nice one - thanks Simon

The Oils is totally blank, apart from the date.

After nearly 15 years away from the recording studio, Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett today announces the details of his debut solo album, �A Version of Now�.

So just seven sleeps to go then.. it's like waiting for Christmas, but more exciting!


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Subject: [powderworks] Press Conference

For those not on the new Face Book group the Midnight Oil Press Conference is set for next Friday 17th February Sydney time. (according to a journo on twitter)
Hoping to get some gig dates.  Being promoted by Frontier Touring who don�t do anything small scale so hopefully it will be big enough to get to all parts of the world where the fans are.