Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Be nice if MO going to snuck one in
From: david earle
Date: 19/10/2016, 8:27 am
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Midnight Oil

Hi Peter,

I sent it for a couple of reasons

1. Some of the acts seem pretty lame musically/lyrically so MO would stand head and shoulders above them
2. Whatever you think of Clinton - in my case, not much- it's more about Trump
3. It's the sort of thing one might expect MO to be at interested in as, for example, they wrote a song called Redneck Wonderland after the initial election of Pauline Hanson in 1998. They also have a history of writing songs/being involved with issues overseas -the "Land" single about clearfelling in Canada, "Say your prayers" about East Timorese independence spring to mind. Rob, in his Ghostwriters guise, penned a tune called Letter to Bill and Hillary.

Regarding your suggestion of not all MO fans being Green/ALP supporters. True of course. (I don't recall ever having posted to the list in about any candidate/party.) However,Trump is an exception in the political world. Many Republicans are coming out against Trump. His candidacy is beyond the bounds of most if not all previous Presidential races in the US. His reported statements on women have been criticised by both our PM and Opposition leader, and his candidacy overall has been condemned by the NSW parliament.  The point being that one could expect people in Aus on either side of the political fence (or indeed having no particular interest in politics) having similarly negative views of Trump.

I am also of sufficient antiquity to recall when the list was a bit of a hotbed of political discussion - I even remember some heated exchanges about vegetarianism. While I don't look back on this as "the good old days" in any way, I think it's fair that a list about a band we all recognise as political can every allow a little bit of politics to creep in just occasionally.


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Hi David
I normally enjoy your posts, I get the fact that the Oils are a political band and all that goes with that but I just don’t understand why you chose this list to send this
I would suggest that not all Oils fans are admirers of Clinton just the same as not all Oils fans are admirers of Labor or The Greens so let’s keep this list predominantly about the music and band and leave these posts and debates to other social media forums
Just my opinion…with due respect
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