Midnight Oil

Subject: Sydney CD shops
From: "koala.sprint" <koala.sprint@gmail.com>
Date: 22/09/2016, 6:34 pm
To: Powderworks

Midnight Oil

Hi all

I need your help. I just got a job with Qantas which is perfect timing for the Oils reunion so I can plan all my Australia meetings around their gigs. 
I'm off to Sydney for a week and I've not been there since their Waveaid gig in 2005. I spent a long time them, trawling the wealth of CD shops picking up Oz rock gems that you can't find north of the Equator. I'm sure most of those shops have closed down since so I'm looking for recommendations. I love the 2nd hand stores when you can spend hours digging around. I know Melbourne has Dixons Recycled records, but does Sydney have something like that?