Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Pete interview about The Tragically Hip
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Date: 23/08/2016, 4:01 pm
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Midnight Oil

Hi Michael,

Thanks for both of those links. (and to other Powdies - sorry for hijacking the list temporarily)

Here's another couple dealing with the final show, the first contains the final goodbye, where Downie's exhaustion and unwellness is clearly visible on his face.

As some may recall from posts a couple of years ago, I'm a huge Hip fan, so when I got the email from the band about Gord's illness, I was pretty gobsmacked and saddened - not only because of the inherent horribleness of the news itself, but also because my faint hope of ever actually seeing them live was now permanently dashed.

However, you've got to admire the band for giving it a go one final time - I did read there were monitors on stage should Gord forget the lyrics, but I don't know if that's true. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, long time fan and apparently a friend of Downie's was up in the back seats. Pearl Jam were playing in the US the same night, and they dedicated Light years to him:

Before I saw PG and the alter egos a couple of weeks ago, I made what turned out to be the mistake of going online to check where things were at with the Hip. It left me with a slight melancholy I couldn't fully shake despite the awesomeness of PG's show. It probably had a lot to do with the contrast between MO's impending resurrection contrasted with the impending irrevocable end of one of my other fave bands.

Anyway, thanks for the eighteen years (since I discovered them anyway) of great music lads.

(BTW, Pete's wrong about them not touring Aus  - they did so in 1993, filming Hundredth meridian clip in Melbourne - funny, given that the song is about a very Canadian piece of geography)
At The Hundreth Meridian - Fully Completely - The Tragically Hip

Normal Oily broadcasting can now resume.


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Here's a great interview with PG on the connections between the Oils and the Hip (whose tremendous farewell gig was broadcast live last night).