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Subject: Re: [powderworks] When too much Oils is never enough... PG mid-tour
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Date: 7/08/2016, 1:54 pm
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It will be interesting to see how they will go/get on without Gary managing ....

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Thanks for the link.

Sounds like the reunion plans aren't going with total smoothness. Talk of negotiation, friction and this bit

. The Oils can consider themselves lucky that I'm excited about being in the band and singing in the band because we get a chance to go out and do what we do best."

Sounds like a bit if hard deal making to me-" you're lucky to have me, so cop to what I want"

In politics, that's called negotiation by press release.

But what the heck-just get it together fellas- even if you have to get Metallica's therapist in ( at least he'll unite you on one thing- getting rid of the therapist)


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Subject: [powderworks] When too much Oils is never enough... PG mid-tour
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An interview in The Canberra Times, in Darlinghurst (Sydney).

Reflections on touring, family, home.