Midnight Oil

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Date: 5/08/2016, 12:05 pm
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Midnight Oil

Cheers for this David - yuuuuge indeed!

Apparently the book focuses on the Oils' sheer musicality rather than the politics.



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Subject: [powderworks] New Oils book..

It's all happening - I've just discovered there's a new tome on the way, due Sep 1. A steal at $49.95!

Midnight oil: the power and the passion by Michael Lawrence 9781922129949    

Description: Anyone who saw a Midnight Oil show remembers it. As a poster for a show in Montreal (where one writer described them as the most important band in the world) said: Theyre not punk, theyre not pop, theyre not kidding. By the mid-1980s, music fans in Australia knew they had the best band in the world. They also knew that the very essence of that band, their loudly trumpeted Australian identity that permeated every note of their music, was the very thing that would ensure the rest of the world would never understand them. They were wrong. More than a dozen US and Canadian tours, nearly as many European tours, and tours of South America and South Africa are testament to this. And lets not forget the Top 10 albums and singles, and some of the most glowing live reviews ever written. Grab a large, strong drink, sit or stand in a stable place with something to hang on to, and discover how the world found the power and the passion.

So looks like for Oils fans the next twelve to 18 months are gonna be huuuuuge!