Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: Bluesfest Boss Drops Hints About 2017 Lineup....
From: matttowey@hotmail.com
Date: 11/06/2016, 2:13 am

I am a little worried that in Australia and especially North America, all of the Oils shows in 2017 will be at festivals. I have a bunch of reasons why that would be disappointing. Festival sets are normally shorter than stand-alone concerts, which would be a drag. The sets themselves also tend to be just the greatest hits, as the bands try to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Some festivals (like Lollapalooza here in Chicago and Coachella in California) sell out before they even announce the lineup, so there is a chance we won't even be able to get in. Finally, at several hundred bucks per festival, it becomes very expensive to see them more than once.  If they wind up at festivals, I'm secretly hoping for Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver (where I grew up) so I can see them at least twice.