Midnight Oil

Subject: Rainmakers (Oils and Warumpi varieties)
From: tr_espen@yahoo.com.au
Date: 8/03/2016, 9:20 pm

Oils fun fact #471 - Story is that when the Oils played at Woodford Folk Festival (north of Brisbane) in 1996, Peter Garrett said "Gee we could really do with some rain".  There was a downpour about five minutes later!

People might have heard previously about the Tjungukutu Project of Neil Murray and Sammy Butcher from the Warumpi Band.  Sally Lawrence recently wrote:

Although we did not reach our target of $25,000 we did raise 26%- part of which will assist Neil and Sammy to meet at Papunya in May to go over their material, write some more songs and make plans for when to record in Adelaide.

In the meantime we are making submissions for (government) funding in order to meet our target.

On Neil Murray’s website there remains a means to still receive donations from individuals or organisations if they wish to contribute further to the Tjungukutu Project.  If you know anyone who is looking to support a local project and is equally passionate about music and Indigenous languages, please share Neil’s website address www.neilmurray.com.au where all the details can be found.

... we will keep you up to date with how things are progressing through emails, Facebook and Neil’s website.