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I think Wealth is Virtue is just a PG rant before they played TDH.


This site gives a 30sec sample.  TDH warm up chords are being played in the background, and he is warming up with a rant.  Just before it cuts out he mentions a poem about “Wealth and Virtue”.






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Of all the individual or side projects from Midnight Oil I find a solo outing by Peter to be the most unexpected and perhaps the most exciting.  Maybe that's only because he's the last to put something down outside of the fold, but that in and of itself is reason to be curious.  His vocal style is familiar but we've really only had glimmers of a solo song writing or performing voice.  I for one can't wait.


Browsing for the odd Oils recordings online I was surprised by this today:










T.U.B.E.: The Concert for the Children of the Americas -...

The Concert for the Children of the Americas - 1988-11-12 - Hollywood, CA (SBD/FLAC) (Soundboard FLAC) THE SECOND ANNUAL CHILDREN OF THE AMERIC...

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Two tracks from Midnight Oil are included on Disc 2, The Dead Heart and something listed as Wealth is Virtue.  Is anyone familiar with that track?  Is it a known tune mis-titled or something completely "new"?





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I believe that "In The Rain" on Breathe is his only solo song-writing credit on Midnight Oil's albums. (By the way, I love that song.)





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I wonder why he would attempt a solo record?  Peter is the reason Midnight Oil is not together performing.  I am hopeful this is actually a Midnight Oil record with the entire band?   I did not think Peter was a contributor to the song writing.  I do not remember ever seeing him listed on the credits for any songs?


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I hate to say this out loud, but a solo album does not interest me much. Unless he is able to surround himself with spectacular supporting musicians or cool guest appearances, I cannot imagine great results.  Hopefully I will be proven wrong.