Midnight Oil

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Midnight Oil

A great read indeed Simon.

Andrew McMillan also wrote An Intruder's Guide to East Arnhem Land and Catalina Dreaming.


The second title is about Australian flying boats in WW2.



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Nice that you have an autographed copy of Strict Rules.  Unfortunately there is no chance of any more new autographed copies.  Another life taken so young.  We are privileged to have been able to read his work.  I tracked down a copy of his book at the MOMO exhibition when it was in Newcastle.  A friend who lives up that way picked it up for me. 
So for anyone who thinks they may want a copy it may be available at the MOMO exhibition when it goes to Canberra.  I will be attending Canberra and can make those enquiries if anyone wishes.  Although the book is about the BFWF tour it doesn’t focus 100% on the bands or the gigs.  It talks about the history of the outback, the Aboriginal people and the towns the tour visited.  Some chapters only devote 1-2 pages max to the actual gig.  But still a great read.
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Thanks heaps for the reply, I had no idea it was issued with the album. What a great bonus and good promotion for Andrew's book. I originally bought D&D on cassette when it was first released, so it never came with a poster. I really can't remember what I paid for the Warakurna poster...it was years ago. But it wadn't an unreasonable amount at the time, probably around twenty bucks. Not sure. Yeah Strict Rules is a great read, I have a copy autographed by Andrew. It's starting to show its age! I dont' know if anyone else has tried to find it, but I also have a copy of Ben Hills' Blue Murder, which inspired BSM. Wasn't easy to track down.