Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: RE: [powderworks] Oils Posters [6 Attachments]
From: jsprint74@yahoo.com.au
Date: 25/02/2016, 7:44 am

Thanks heaps for the reply, I had no idea it was issued with the albun. What a great bonus and good promotion for Andrew's book. I originally bought D&D on cassette when it was first released, so it never came with a poster. I really can't remember what I paid for the Warakurna poster...it was years ago. But it wadn't an unreasonable amount at the time, probably around twenty bucks. Not sure. Yeah Strict Rules is a great read, I have a copy autographed by Andrew. It's starting to show its age! I dont' know if anyone else has tried to find it, but I also have a copy of Ben Hills' Blue Murder, which inspired BSM. Wasn't easy to track down.