Midnight Oil

Subject: Oils Posters
From: jsprint74@yahoo.com.au
Date: 24/02/2016, 7:53 pm

Today I finally got around to laminating this rare Oils "poster" that has been in my cupboard fpor many years.

Someone advised against me laminating it, because it would destroy the value of it as a collector's item. However, I know that I am never going to try to sell it. If anything I would give it away as a gift. Also, it is double-sided. One side has three live photos from a concert probably around 1986. (Note the stuffed animals and water tank from the exhibition) The other side has an excerpt from Andrew MacMillan's "Strict Rules" book.

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures-I will try to take some better ones.

Also posted are my 2 other Oils posters, just for the sake of sharing - The Breathe one and the Redneck Wonderland one (that I bought at a concert).

I wonder, have any other Powderworkers seen this "Warakurna" poster before? I was lucky to find it at a record collector store many years ago, and have not seen anything like it elsewhere.

Another anecdote, I remember that I visited a fellow Powderworker once upon atime who had an awesome Species Deceases poster. Basically a A1 version of the album cover. That art makes a truly fantastic poster and I was very jealous! Even better thatn the Iron Maiden "Aces High" poster I had when I was 14! LOL