Midnight Oil

Subject: The Making Of...
From: jsprint74@yahoo.com.au
Date: 19/02/2016, 6:52 pm

Great to visit the Making Of  Midnight Oul Exhibition in Melbourne on Tuesday. Awesome!

Immediately struck by the amount of live footage I had never seen before. Cool to finally see some of the Tannelorn footage.

I hope the Moments With Midnight Oil doco will go ahead, can't wait to see that! And if they include the Tannelorn stuff that would be great too !!

The Making Of 10-1 doco is cool, and I reckon too good to be kept just for the exhibition, I hope that will make it into our collections too someday.

I couldn't resist buying a Surfing With A Spoon shirt and a stubbie cooler.

Although..I stil wish I could be certain about what the heck Surfing With A spoon really means!!