Midnight Oil

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Link for the Radio National Interview is as follows.




If anyone o/s can’t access it I will upload the interview to the group.


Now for the movie.


It is a documentary style movie about their career with a ton of footage which has been shot by Ray Argal over the years.  He has footage going back to the Capitol Theatre days as well as heaps from the Red Sails era of 1984-85.  I asked the MO office last year sometime why no Red Sails footage had been released.  Would love to see songs like Bells and Horn and Shipyards on video.  The answer I got was that Ray Argal was making a movie out of it all.  I couldn’t imagine it being a cinema release probably straight to DVD (area 0) of course so everyone in the world can play it hopefully.


Last thing I have to say,


32 years in the making……This dude has some SERIOUS time management issues………….








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There's not much more to say - it was in the context of something along the lines of "Some of this footage is from blah blah blah" - I can't recall if the name of the film was mentioned.


Here's a great excuse for someone in Melbourne to go and check it out.






ps I'm sure they'll be doing their own stunts - no CGI for the lads!


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"There was a small note mentioning that a feature film about their career is due for release later this year."


Go on, do tell....and I hope it comes to North America at some point. 


And that the band does their own stunts ;)