Midnight Oil

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Date: 1/02/2016, 2:57 pm
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Midnight Oil

Will do Brian.

Thanks for the link.

I had a look at the index of Glyn's autobiography "Sound man" recently - nothing of interest under M I regret to say!


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David - Please share the PG interview if you find it.

Slightly off topic, but to continue down this thread, I just listened to a great interview with Glyn Johns: http://www.soundopinions.org/show/528

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Not me.

However, I managed to get to the Oils exhibition when I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago (highly recommended for anyone who hasn't managed to see it yet).

There was a small note mentioning that a feature film about their career is due for release later this year. This is the first I can recall hearing of it.

Maybe their presence in a studio is somehow tied in with that - giving the final approval to the soundmix etc??

The footage at the exhibition was certainly interesting, including lots of backstage stuff. I'm imagining seeing the film in an IMAX cinema with surround sound cranked to number 11.


ps PG has mentioned several times during his book tour that he found himself writing lyrics after he'd finished his book - not something he's done for years apparently.

Also (and I'll find the link when I get time) ABC RN had an hour long interview with PG on his book recently. The interviewer mentioned that his fave album was PWAP. PG said it was one of his too. A brief discussion about producer Glyn Johns ensued, and PG said he'd been in touch with him recently. He didn't say why - hmmmm.


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Good afternoon all, I was listening to 2UE (Sydney) this morning and it was announced that there is a strong rumour about that the Oil’s are back in the studio recording.....anyone else hear that or perhaps in the know about this....??
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