Midnight Oil

Subject: Using the oils music in personal videos
From: Jeff McLean
Date: 10/01/2016, 8:15 am
To: powderworks

Hi folks,

Does anyone know the rules about using Oils copyrighted music in personal videos?

I recently took some video shorts on a pushbike trip that I have edited into a nice little piece.  E-beat fit beautifully underneath it, for the lyric and the feel, and I attempted to upload to Facebook, and got a rejection notice because it detected that I was using E-Beat, probably without permission (even though I'd credited the song at the end.)

While I knew that using music for anything to do with business was an absolute no-no, for some reason I hadn't thought of it being an issue with truly personal pieces. I'm embarrassed to admit that now.

So, does anyone know how might I get permission to use it, or be told that it's off limits?