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there are 2 things

PG will be there on Sunday 22/11  @ 11.45 for approx 45mins signing his book


From the ‘It’s Time’ song that aided Gough Whitlam’s election in the 1970’s, to the unauthorised use of Bruce Springsteen music during US presidential campaigns.  From Midnight Oil’s Jabiluka Blockade concert to Melbourne’s Save Live Australian Music movement, music has always been entwined with politics.


In conjunction with The Making of Midnight Oil Arts Centre Melbourne invites you to join Paulie Stewart , founding member of The Dili Allstars; musician and showman Henry Waggons; Midnight Oil drummer and songwriter Rob Hirst and Patrick Donovan, CEO of Music Victoria for a wide ranging and fascinating discussion about Music & Politics.


Wednesday 18th November 2015

5.00pm – 6.00pm

Arts Centre Melbourne

Gallery 1, Theatres Building


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[powderworks] Making of The Oils opens in MEL


exhibition opens this Sat

anyone knows if Rob is doing a curator tour and when?

How could people get so unkind?

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