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Good stuff SK


The autobiography part is an amazing read.


We all knew about the film clips to Used & Abused & Run by Night , but a clip for Nothing Lost Nothing Gained. I would love to see this.


The film clips for the first album were shot on the stage of the State theatre in Sydney which we had booked from late night to early morning. Three songs were filmed - Used and Abused, Run by Night, and Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained. The first two were straightforward mimed band performances. The third clip was 'arty'. We shot the band bits that night, but the completed film clip began with shots of suburban Australia, including people pushing lawnmowers. The band didn't appear in the clip until several minutes into the song. I liked the clip, but I seem to remember that many didn't.


Here’s the link http://www.heartburstmusic.com/autobio/a_oils.html






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Just saw this on the MO Fan F/B Page.


The Bear has a website.


It’s gunna be a long night.




bye bye






PS:      40 years ago today Gough hit the Rough…………