Midnight Oil

Subject: Midnight Oil 1993-04-15 Earth and Sun and Moon Album Premier WNEW-FM
From: "Gary Badger" <garybadger@gmail.com>
Date: 8/11/2015, 6:49 am

On matters of Midnight Oil’s music, an FM recording from 1993 has been shared at The Trader’s Den:




Details for anyone who is interested:



Midnight Oil

Earth and Sun And Moon Album Premier

WNEW-FM 102.7 NY

Wetlands Preserve NYC

April 15, 1993


This is an unusual broadcast. The first part includes tracks from the then new release "Earth and Sun and Moon" mixed with interview about the album. The second part is a live concert performance. Both the interview segments and the concert segments were recorded at The Wetlands Preserve in New York City, a very small theater at 161 Hudson Street which closed in 2001. I have edited out the commercial tracks, but all interview bits and the full concert broadcast is included. There is a couple of seconds of interference in track 19, didn't notice any anywhere else.  Enjoy!



Lineage: FM Broadcast> Maxell XLII-90 off air master> NAK BX-125> M-Audio 24/96> Adobe Audition> WAV> Flacfrontend> Flac 6> YOU


01 Intro

02 Interview One

03 Drums Of Heaven (omit)

04 Interview Two

05 Feeding Frenzy (omit)

06 Interview Three

07 Outbreak of Love (omit)

08 Interview Four

09 In The Valley (omit)

10 Station Break

11 Interview Five

12 Truganini (omit)

13 Interview Six

14 Station Break

15 Bullroarer

16 My Country

17 Blue Sky Mine

18 Dreamworld

19 The Dead Heart

20 Station Break

21 Interview Seven

22 Now Or Never Land

23 Closing Credits-Beds Are Burning