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Date: 5/11/2015, 7:37 am
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Pete said he wanted the book to be interesting to all readers, not just the Oils fans, so he didn't include the EPs and some of the albums. He then spoke about how the EPs were done quickly, Bird Noises in 3 days. He talked for a while but I can't remember what else he said! He did mention Comfortable Place on the Couch.

When I got to chat with him briefly afterwards, I mentioned that in the book he says Star Of Hope was from Capricornia. I thought this was so obviously incorrect he might have put it in there on purpose to see if anyone was paying attention! But it was a genuine error that slipped through, and he said the paperback and ebook will be corrected.


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What was his answer please?





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Here's the audio from the Powerhouse Theatre on 26th October.
Unfortunately the audience questions are not included - I asked one
about the EPs, and why they weren't mentioned in the book.


BTW, has anyone else found the error in the book?