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Yes I have heard the CD.  IT is well worth a listen.  Some songs are fairly short 2-3 minutes.  Other reviews have described it as “Garage Rock” and this is pretty close to the mark. 




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Thanks for the review!  Anyone heard the Rob and Sean LP?



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Rob and Sean played their debut gig at the 40th anniversary of Brisbane's Rockinghorse Records last night, at Ian Haug (Powderfinger axe man)'s airplane hangar turned rock venue "The Triffid" (in Newstead, near the new Gasworks precinct - Hmmm.. Powderfinger + Gas =?)

The free event went from 2.30-5.30pm, with the ticketed event from 5.30pm to 10.30pm.  Rob and Sean played for about half an hour.  Sean and the bass player strutted their stuff but Rob was the star with his amazing flourishes on drums (no drum solo but), and the lead guitarist (stage right) feeding off Rob's energy from the back.  You could see the guitarist thoroughly enjoying that interaction and being drawn out to take his instrument to an even more glorious place.

Rob introduced the last single by referring to various sounds (e.g. "do do do") that sometimes pop up in songs to fill up spaces, and mentioned Sting doing the same with the Police. He was just starting to drift off on a whimsical tangent but suddenly brought things back with a start, recalling that other bands were to play next as part of the evening's line up, sat upright, and blasted out the final track.

Ron Peno and Brett Meyers from Died Pretty came on later as did Blank Realm, but in the line-up there was also a disco band that played a Michael Jackson track, sorely tempting at least one member of the audience to rush up and unplug the sound system. So Rob could have talked for just a little bit longer at least...


Crashing The Same Car Twice


Crashing The Same Car Twice

'Crashing The Same Car Twice' is the debut album from Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil) and Sean Sennett. The pair met at a songwriters workshop on a mountain in...

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