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Speaking of the book launch is everyone else still waiting for the launch to start??


25minutes late……Waiting for Kevin 07 to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Channel 10 News just had a story from PG's book launch. Jim and Martin appeared on camera with PG. when asked the question, Jim said "Why wouldn't you get the band back together and play the songs you love".

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For those that missed it, this was a fantastic insight into PG.

..and best of all, he left us with the feeling that an Oils reunion could definitely be on the cards!

Kevin Rudd was a 'megalomaniac': Garrett dishes the dirt on Kevin Rudd


Kevin Rudd was a 'megalomaniac': Garrett di...

Peter Garrett has opened up about Labor party leaders in a tell-all interview, saying he feared what Rudd would do to the country.

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