Midnight Oil

Subject: Midnight Oil 2002-07-04 Chicago, IL US - Upgrade (FLAC)
From: "Gary Badger" <garybadger@gmail.com>
Date: 13/10/2015, 5:24 pm

On matters of Midnight Oil’s music, an upgraded recording of this fine performance has been shared at The Trader’s Den:




The performance was broadcast on American radio last month. Details for anyone who is interested:



Midnight Oil

Petrillo Music Shell

Grant Park

Chicago, IL US

Performance date: 2002-07-04

Broadcast date: 2015-09-20


Lineage: HD over fm>Sangean HDT-1>Rotel-05 SE>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac


This is a partial upgrade of: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=87982


It is missing the three songs noted.


Intro/Bullroarer 6:04

Too Much Sunshine *

Put Down That Weapon 5:06

Truganini 4:23

Lucky Country *

Luritja Way 4:29

Warakurna *

Blue Sky Mining 3:41

Say Your Prayers 4:25

Golden Age 3:46

King of the Mountain 3:49

The River Runs Red 2:25

Redneck Wonderland 3:12

The Dead Heart 7:17

Forgotten Years 4:28

Beds Are Burning 4:48

Dreamworld 4:14


*Not included in broadcast


Total Time: 62:12