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Link works great, thank you Simon!

Tali in Texas

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Thanx for the heads up JP.


Can some workers overseas please check the link below to see if it works for you.  If it does then you should be able to watch the show.  If it doesn’t I am recording it and will share it by other means.  It does look a good interview. 


The link should work as our group is Yahoo based just like the CH7 website.


If any workers o/s are interested in the Chisel interview here is a link for that one which you can check,




Yours in OZ Rock,




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this sunday on Channel 7 (Aust) The Sunday Night Program , Peter Garrett will be interviewed in the lead up to his book release. the sneek peek looks good as the interview covers his early years & the loss of his mother in a house fire , Oils years & politics years, which could be summed up in the lyrics of an oils song ( the h ardest years, the wildest years, the desperate & divided years ) & Yes the million dollar question is also asked of him.




tune in 


btw - at 8.30 on 60 min the Oils old sparring partners from that era Cold Chisel will be interviewed



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