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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Read about it (or not) - ROCK STAR POLITICIAN ACCUSES POKIE INDUSTRY (but not any more)
From: Jeff McLean
Date: 8/10/2015, 6:11 am
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Orright you lot.

I don't know much about this particular incident, but maaaan for Oils fans, some of you are good Haters!

PG would be a first class DILL to keep maintaining this unprovable claim.  We should be glad that he made an honest statement about what happened; for no other reason that we are reminded that the enticement to be bought in Australian politics continues well-and-truly today.

He has sensibly retracted that statement from going into print in a book that he wrote because he knows damned well that it's completely unprovable and he'll almost certainly lose in court.

I, for one, think he's made a silk purse out of an evidential sow's ear.  He's brought it to our attention, now is protecting himself from being penalised when that would be truly unfair.

Maybe I'm in the minority.


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True…what a back flip.


Always hated Pete going into politics cause I knew it would de-cred his years on stage with some if not may…not to mention the legacy of the Oils. Didn’t always agree with his years of political speech on stage but hey at least he was passionate. Must have almost killed him whilst the pink bats disaster unfolded knowing his mother died in a house fire.


Been a huge Oils fan for years (as some will know on this site) but as one great friend on the site once asked me “can’t believe you are an Oils fan but against Labor”. I just loved the music not the message. The message I knew and didn’t always agree with but the music was theirs.


Listening to Bird Noises in your neighbours room with a pool table eventually takes a toll….once innocently asked “wow I love this band…are they Australian? .Then Place Without A Postcard just came out and Robert Butcher took the shots of Palm Beach


At my mats place in 83 and I walk in and he has 2JJJ ON AND Entertainment Centre concert is on….somebody’s trying to tell me something


Many stories to tell…..open up the forum…this group is too silent….


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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Read about it (or not) - ROCK STAR POLITICIAN ACCUSES POKIE INDUSTRY (but not any more)


also after vs. before election



How could people get so unkind?


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Subject: RE: [powderworks] Read about it (or not) - ROCK STAR POLITICIAN ACCUSES POKIE INDUSTRY (but not any more)



Big difference between a recollection of a lot of cash and then a cheque…sounds like someone has got to him to change his tune but that in itself would be very disappointing


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Subject: [powderworks] Read about it (or not) - ROCK STAR POLITICIAN ACCUSES POKIE INDUSTRY (but not any more)



A bit of excitement.  Peter Garrett has retracted an earlier claim that he received a wad of cash in an envelope from the poker machine lobby (a lobby that got a serve in "Truganini"):


PG says he had a memory lapse.  It was a cheque not cash.  And the money came before he was a Minister.

But others including federal Independent MP Andrew Wilkie have since come forward and said that PG's original claim deserves investigation.  And others have heard of similar claims by other politicians.

The ABC's "7.30" report has also covered the story tonight (at 9 mins 30 secs):



(And here's the ABC Online's version of the story):

Peter Garrett, former Labor minister, retracts details of alleged Clubs NSW money offer

By the National Reporting Team's James Thomas

Updated about an hour ago



Wilkie 'deeply shocked' by allegations