Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: RE: [powderworks] Black Rain Falls DVD
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Date: 6/08/2015, 10:13 pm
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Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Bruce I have a contact who knows someone who has a friend in the Newcastle area...he says that he knows someone who was at Tanelorn and has photos and video footage of the whole gig and is happy to dig it out. Love your passion man....never lose it....lol

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Subject: RE: [powderworks] Black Rain Falls DVD


i love how your still flying the flag Bruce after all these years. the office is on the list so maybe one day. footage aint good enough for an official release, but a workers release is a different thing which i have suggested previously.

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RE: [powderworks] Black Rain Falls DVD


Blu-ray is different to a standard dvd and won’t cater to this ridiculous region issue.

I have a region free dvd player that allows me to play anything from around the world.  Was ~$150 when I bought it 7yrs ago, and they are becoming harder to buy. 

This will also allow me to play the Tanelorn show, no matter what country that dvd is released in.

One option is to ‘make a back-up’ copy of the region4 dvd you purchased and save it as a region1 dvd, so you can actually watch it in the country you reside. 




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Michael, I bought mine online, it came, has the Exhibition sticker on it, but it is in fact PAL and will not play on my home players. I just use my PC and it works fine.




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Just a quick question I hope someone here can help me with: Did any North American 'Workers buy the BRF DVD?  If so, can someone please confirm that it will play properly with US/Can Blu-Ray players and TVs?

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