Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: RE: [powderworks] Move in with Pete (sort of)
From: "Simon Kierse" <skierse@netspace.net.au>
Date: 3/06/2015, 8:44 pm
To: <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>, "'Midnight Lurker'" <drivexby@hotmail.com>

Hello Midnight,


I actually saw this a few days ago and posted it on the MO fan page f/b site as I didn’t think the list would be too interested.


Yes PG seems to be selling off his properties for a new one in the city.  Good move I feel as it is close to Dymocks for his book launch and close to the Capitol Theatre for the 33 year anniversary gig later in the year!!!!!


So we have the Midnight Lurker on the list as well as the Powder Lurker……. Any other lurkers out there???





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Subject: [powderworks] Move in with Pete (sort of)