Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: Oz Rock survey LMOC
From: samps8@hotmail.com
Date: 13/04/2015, 9:40 am

Great to see the Oils getting some recognition in this poll. I doubt the call to reform will come to fruition, sadly. I feel they lost their way on the last few albums. I'd happily pay to see an unplugged set like the 1993 show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. Why wasn't that released officially? The bootleg is superb. I digress...

I agree that the poll is subjective in that it was taken by their contemporary peers - 150 to be exact (but who?). I'm astounded by a few of the results. Silverchair in the top 10 and five places ahead of Powderfinger and the great Paul Kelly? Savage Garden and Presets ahead of Dragon, Skyhooks and The Living End? *cough* WOW, talk about confused.

Still, well done to the Oils. I enjoyed the closing remarks from David Campbell.

"David Campbell says the Oils are sorely missed. 'They were the band that formed the political opinions of many a young Aussie listening at home. Their songs were never overtly preachy, rockier than most bands and catchier than hell. We needed this band then and I dare say in this political climate… we need them even more now. Can they reform?'"