Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

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And my son who said “the man with a hat and a big noise” is 15 and 1 meter 80 (like me).
I'm now for him a "vieux con" in french that I can translate as "old asshole" But I still listen rock and oils !
Haven't seen you anyway powdies but it's strange to read you today like there's 20 years and as if we haven't aged.

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The picture reminds me that when my son Alan was little, he used to call PG “the big pink man.” I remember another Worker’s kid called him “the man with a hat and a big noise,” which I thought pretty much summed it all up. 

My Alan turns 21 in a few days *sniff* *sob* and now I’m, as Vonnegut said, an old fart with my sons full grown. But not too old to rock n roll! so long as I have good arch support – Beth 

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More reformation speculation. For the OS workers Triple M is Australia's classic rock station. Good to see they cite their own music reporter as the source: 


Oils To Reform? Posted: 28 January, 2015 by Triple M Rock News 

midnight oil, live earth, sound relief

Midnight Oil reformed for Sound Relief in 2009 Photo: Getty Images 

Some big news with reports Midnight Oil may reform for a one-off show. 

Triple M music reporter Nui Te Koha said the Aussie rock legends might get back together to perform at the Live Earth concerts happening in Sydney next June. 

"For Live Earth in June… It certainly feels like the Oils are ramping up… Peter Garrett was at the Beat The Drum concert in Sydney about a week ago," Nui told Triple M. 

"[There are] definitely plans, definitely talk for some sort of Midnight Oil action this year." 

100 artists are due to perform at the Live Earth concerts, which will take place over seven continents - China, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the US and even Antarctica! 

Midnight Oil formed in 1976 and split up in 2002. In 2010, their album Diesel and Dust was ranked No. 1 in The 100 Best Australian Albums . 

They reformed in 2009 performing two headline shows in Canberra before doing the Sound Relief concert in Melbourne. This event was held to raise money for victims of Victoria's bushfire disaster. 

The event was held simultaneously with a concert at the Sydney Cricket Ground. See the video below. 

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