Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Pete on Triple J 19 JAN 2015
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Date: 24/01/2015, 11:10 pm
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Shame. I'm still holding out for the boxset. In my mind it's the holy grail and will come chock full of ‎never heard before songs (rather than versions). 
I've not bought the remasters yet as I'd be well pissed off it they ended up in the boxset. 

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Subject: RE: [powderworks] Pete on Triple J 19 JAN 2015

It was Used and Abused from the studio 221 gig of 1978.   Not really unheard and not as rare as they were making out.






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Did anyone hear this 'Unheard Midnight Oil song'?



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Subject: [powderworks] Pete on Triple J 19 JAN 2015



Hey guys, late heads up... Pete will be on Triple J from 9am 19 Jan 2015.. "MONDAY - Peter Garrett helps us celebrate 40 years of triple j with an unheard Midnight Oil song."