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Midnight Oil

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Are you under a blood red sky??




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Thanks Jeff - I'll add my name to the list of people expressing gratitude for this. I had spare time today (all is quiet on New Year's day!) so spent some quality time drawing while listening to it. Jim was obviously keen to give his version of MO's history (not even a muffin or the prospect of putting off a meeting could stop him.)


It inspired me to crack out a MO CD and give it the headphones and beanbag treatment (FYI - Capricornia) and I may even get another one in before the day is through.


For those who missed the link, see Jeff's original email below (I tried the google search before I managed to dig up the original email - not a total waste of time as I found the interview by the fellow from Louisiana, which I posted earlier)




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There is a new interview with Jim available from the Depth Perception Podcast –


“Jim Moginie, formerly of Midnight Oil, currently of The Break, Jim M*genie’s Electric Guitar Orchestra, The Family Dog, The Tinkers, Shameless Seamus, and the Australian Chamber Orchestra Underground talks to DPPOD. Jim talks about finding music as a child, learning how to play guitar, and then the evolution of Midnight Oil.”


For a man with a reputation as one of the quiet ones of the band, this is quite incredible – it runs for nearly three hours!!!