Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: Midnight Oil Remastered CDs
From: samps8@hotmail.com
Date: 27/11/2014, 8:57 am

My remastered CDs arrived this week and I'm fairly impressed overall. I'm not into scientific frequency analysis but I have ripped them to FLAC and listened through good earphones and all of the albums I ordered are improved, at least to my ears.

I ordered Midnight Oil, Head Injuries, PWAP, 10-1 and D&D. Based on the audio quality of those I'll be purchasing the remainder, however the CD sleeves are very average reproductions of the originals (I have most of the original CDs in a box somewhere and a few on vinyl) and there's even a typo where they've printed "4. BACK TO ON BORDERLINE" on the head injuries CD. Very sloppy indeed.

All of the above CDs arrived with a special "Remaster" sticker on the jewel case along with another sticker referencing the Oils exhibition - all with the exception of D&D. When I ripped the D&D audio with EAC it fetched the ID3 tags and the album title came back as "Diesel and Dust [2007 Remaster]". I haven't listened to every track but I can't hear much of a change or improvement over previous CDs that I've owned. Now I'm wondering whether JB Hifi are flogging off the "old" remaster - given the missing sticker on the case.