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There were 2 rants PG made against Malcolm Fraser that come to mind.


1.      At the Royal Antler Hotel in 1980 he called him some naughty names.

2.     Later that year at the Night moves concert in Melbourne, MO played Waltzing Matilda and at the end PG told Malcolm where to go using the F word.  A few years earlier there was a referendum in Australia about the which song was to be the National Anthem.  There was a push for Waltzing Matilda but country wide Advance Australia Fair won the vote by a country mile.  I thought that this comment coming directly after the song Waltzing Matilda was some sort of protest against the referendum result.  This is purely a guess though.  In later years and as late as 2009 MO played Advance Australia fair at gigs.






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PG was never shy about mentioning the Aus PM at shows, but one particularly reference to Malcolm Fraser, in a particular live show from the early 80's, always seems to stand out for me.

When I saw them in 85 the stage had an old telephone box on it that PG used to call then PM, Bob Hawke, for a little chat.



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I clicked over to PG's website to see if he had posted any comments on Whitlam's death. PG hasn't (yet), but the "About" section says he's working on a memoir to be released in 2015! Apologies if this is old news.

Patty, back to lurking in Maryland

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Sad news (for those on the progressive side of Aus politics)


He scored at least one mention in Oils songs -


Gough was tough 'til he hit the rough,

Uncle Sam and John were quite enough.










Former prime minister Gough Whitlam dies

Former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam has died.

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