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Midnight Oil

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When PG was considering his post-Oils career, he sought advice from Gough. Whether he was advised to enter politics or if he'd already decided and wanted to know more about it I don't know, but either way Gough was influential at the personal level on PG

On Malcolm Fraser, he ultimately reconciled with Gough and they became close friends. Considering their history, with Fraser having pushed the country to a constitutional crisis in order to take power from Gough, the lack of rancour is pretty remarkable, even allowing for the converging of their political views. One would assume the venom might have drained somewhat from PG's thoughts on Fraser too.


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PG was never shy about mentioning the Aus PM at shows, but one particularly reference to Malcolm Fraser, in a particular live show from the early 80's, always seems to stand out for me.
When I saw them in 85 the stage had an old telephone box on it that PG used to call then PM, Bob Hawke, for a little chat.


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I clicked over to PG's website to see if he had posted any comments on Whitlam's death. PG hasn't (yet), but the "About" section says he's working on a memoir to be released in 2015! Apologies if this is old news.

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Sad news (for those on the progressive side of Aus politics)

He scored at least one mention in Oils songs -

Gough was tough 'til he hit the rough,
Uncle Sam and John were quite enough.