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Hi workers,

long time lurker surfacing for a minute...
I enjoyed reading your posts on Rob's new album - especially the one by Simon about the story behind the bird paintings of Rob's daughter. I live in Berlin just a few km away from the mentioned spot, and finally there is a link between my surroundings an the Oils - albeit an unexpected one. But does anyone know if the album is available in Germany or can be ordered somewhere on the net? Feels kind of strange that someone in Australia deals with Moabit, a neighboorhood with an ever-unhip reputation here in Berlin...

Back to lurking,


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Re: Rob's solo album by "Simon Kierse" simonkierse


Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:16 am (EST) . Posted by:

"Simon Kierse" simonkierse

Hi All,

Got my copy of the album and hard cover book containing the art work in the
mail on Friday. Very nice art work from Rob's daughter Gabriella. The bird
drawings are exquisite.

The story behind the artwork is also a wonderful story. I will share with
you the artist's words as there will be some of you who won't have the hard
cover book.

"LOCALS is a project I undertook whilst living at the Zentrum fur Kunst und
Urbanistiks (ZKU) in Berlin in early 2014. The wasteland lot adjacent to
the ZKU is the site for future development of a wholesale business
supermarket. Through discussion with local residents I discovered that , as
part of the construction process, pne hundred and eleven 45 - year old
poplar trees lining this wasteland had recently been felled. The poplars
had served as a wind break for the historic working-class residential
buildings of Moabit, against the dust and pollution of nearby industry.
Their felling to allow expanded construction plans disregarded the requests
pf a local lobby group and a petition of 1200 signatures.

After these trees were felled, one member of this lobby group discovered in
their ruins 24 bird nests. In response to this, I painted 24 images of
local bird species on silk flags, which were installed on the wasteland lot
on the 27th March, 2014. Passers-by and residents from adjacent buildings
joined me in placing the flags in-situ. The painted flags were left in the
wasteland, vulnerable to destruction. Until their complete disappearance,
they occupied the space as a symbol of simultaneous fragility and defiance:
a site-specific reminder of the losses involved in uncompromising urban
development, and a physical metaphor for the nature of combined community
voice ina fast-transforming urban setting.

Some of the souvenired flags turned up on the balconies of local community
members who currently use this space recreationally, where they are still
flying today."

Gabriella Hirst

So do yourselves a favour and try and order a copy. You won't regret it. I
know the Sydney shop is sold out. Unsure of Melbourne and Brisbane.


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Exciting news from the Office:

Rob’s solo album will be released this coming Tuesday as a free download,
details will be posted on the Oils Facebook page.

He has had a very small run of hard back books with CD insert made up
featuring his daughter Ella’s exquisite artwork. At this stage just 60
copies of these books will be made available for purchase from the
outlets below. The release is not showing on these websites yet but I
thought the list would like some advance notice.



Rob Hirst is releasing his first album-length solo offering. The album is a
perfect musical accompaniment to Berlin-based artist, Gabriella Hirst’s
gouache songbirds on silk. Both the art and the music display a strong
affection and respect for the land, sky and sea, for the wondrous creatures
which inhabit them, and for the courageous people who protect them. The
single from the album, The Truth Walks Slowly (Preview here) is based on the
true story of a six-generation Queensland cattle farmer, who’s forced into a
fight when the beauty and solitude of his pristine property is threatened by
a gas mining company.

Hirst is joined on the recording by Rick Grossman on bass, Peter West on
cello, Rob Woolf on keys, Jack Howard on trumpet, Johnny Graffham on steel
and Jason Millhouse on guitar, to name just a few.

Rob Hirst is a musician and songwriter, a published author (Willie’s Bar &
Grill through Momentum
<http://momentumbooks.com.au/books/willies-bar-and-grill/>) and magazine
contributor. He is also one of the founding members of Australian rock group
Midnight Oil. Probably best known for his incredible performances as the
band’s drummer, Hirst has written or co-written many of The Oil’s best loved
songs – a musical legacy which has thrown the spotlight on important issues
from indigenous land rights through nuclear disarmament, youth homelessness
and asbestos related diseases.

The album is available now: a gift to Rob’s friends, fans and family.
As Rob says:/ “I wanted to record some new songs at an unhurried pace, at
our local studio, then invite some brilliant players I know to drop by and
add their magic. My daughters Lex and Gabriella also sang along with me on a
couple of tracks – for the first time ever - and Gabriella kindly allowed me
to ‘borrow’ her beautiful painted birds for the artwork. It all came
together so well: the whole project has been joyful from the beginning to
the end.”/

Over the last 30 years, Rob has played, sung and written songs in The
Ghostwriters, Backsliders, Hirst & Greene and The Angry Tradesmen and more
recently with the instrumental surf rock outfit, The Break which features
two of his fellow members of Midnight Oil, Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey and
Bass player Brian Ritchie of the US group, Violent Femmes.
*Limited edition hardcover CD booklets available from:*
Basement Discs*
24 Block Place, Melbourne VIC
*www.basementdiscs.com.au <http://www.basementdiscs.com.au/>*

*Rocking Horse*
245 Albert St, Brisbane Qld
*rockinghorse.net <http://rockinghorse.net/>*

*Mall Music*
Shop 430 Warringah Mall
Brookvale, Sydney NSW
*mallmusic.com.au <http://mallmusic.com.au/>*
*RRP $45




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