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� NO LP version of BSM has EVER had YMNBR on  it (no, not even the first 1,000).
However, Oils did sign a couple of hundred copies of the LP, which were released at Strand Music, Sydney, the day before the official release. Therefore, technically, THAT was the 'limited edition, first release'. (they did the same thing for D&D and 10-1, but it was through 'Chelsea Records' - in Sydney - I think. I think they did at least one of these as a parallel deal with a Melbourne record store)

� The first run of the BSM CD had a  (quote) "rough mix" of YMNBR.
Since it's Sony & they have to rationalise production costs (ie - they have to make separate masters of both versions of the CD ((+YMNBR &  non-YMNBR)) - therefore they both have to be worth the cost involved to produce them). That would have been a couple of thousand manufactured, as a break-even point. Therefore, there would be at least a couple of thousand of the CD +YMNBR version released.
Also, CDs were just starting up. There was a LOT of resistance because of the cost - $12.99 LP vs. $29.99 CD - (plus WHO just went out & bought an $800.00 cd player, in those days ((there wasn't much in the cheaper price range)), because it was a 'wonderful' new, under-supported, format... ). Sony invested a lot in the CD technology, so they added extra tracks to many CD releases, to make the format / album more appealing than the vinyl versions of the same album.
I'm just thinking that BSM was also the first Oils new-release that had the CD version released at the same time as the vinyl (& cass). D&D certainly didn't.

� Cassette technology was already established (& dying). I'm not quite sure why they would have added an extra track to the cassette but a lot of companies were adding 12" mixes, bonus tracks, better quality tape - CrO2, T-shirts, etc. to the cassette releases as an attempt to boost the format. Maybe to keep people buying it as a 'portable' format (& hence to stop you taping your vinyl, or CD, to play in your car, boombox, etc?). The first portable CD? (Sony's D-50) was released in 1984, but it took quite a few years for it to get to australia... and then a few more to be affordable. I'm guessing it took a lot more years for the car CD player to be developed & taken up....

� So. Even though the 'bonus track' CD album release of YMNBR is a 'rough mix', every version of the track, that i can find (AUS, NDL, UK, CAN, etc. // 7", 12" CD, CD-s, CDep) , clocks in at 3:38. I haven't done a 1:1 comparison, but I'm guessing it's the only version they released.... so maybe the title's an inside joke, about "You May Not Be Released", referring to the fully-mixed version???
ROFL... I just couldn't resist...


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* Some early Australian copies included the track "You May Not Be Released" - it was the B-side to a 12-inch issue of "Forgotten Years," and it is believed that this only appeared on the first 1,000 LP copies. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Sky_Mining#cite_note-12> [12]

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My BSM on cassette came with you may not be released. But it�s wired that my vinyl of diesel doesnt have gunbarrell highway ( which came with the poster simon spoke of) , my cassette version does have it & also came with the poster & my diesel & dust interchords vinyl (interview vinyl) they talk track by track & gunbarrel is talked about.