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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re:: What's so funny + Birdman Q's
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I work in the airline business. One of my staff said to me last week "You like Australian music don't you (when someone goes to Oz, they take a long CD wishlist with them)? We had the CEO of Sony Australia flying on our flight last week."

Aaaargh. The things I could have asked him. Gutted. 

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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re:: What's so funny + Birdman Q's


Thanks Powdies!! Got my questions answered and a better copy of the bside (though I'd gladly pay Sony for a new compilation of these sorts of bsides/rarities, hint hint)...

Ps -- I much prefer the Oils version of birdman as well!

Cheers, trevor

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Subject: [powderworks] Re:: What's so funny + Birdman Q's


Hi Trevor

The Advance Australia Fair/Birdman recording was broadcast live on the "Recovery" TV show and the end credits were rolling while they played Birdman, so you won't find a copy of this that doesn't fade out at the end. I personally like this version better than The Break version (power chords...grrr) I have a pretty decent copy of this and the Elvis Costello song.