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Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] 1993 Concert opening band?
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Date: 31/07/2014, 10:12 am
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I saw them in Ohio with both HF and ZM opening, also my first time seeing them live.  I was pregnant at the time, and now that basketball-size bump is a junior at Ohio State University (*sniff!*)
Anyhow, it was at the Ohio State Fair, and after the first few songs PG looked out at the audience and asked “are you here to arrest us or enjoy the show?” and when we all turned and looked back, the whole back wall was lined with cops and county mounties who had come in from patrolling the grounds. 
Some years later we took that basketball bump to see the Oils in Cincinnati.  Did not think to take earplugs, alas! – Beth
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Subject: RE: [powderworks] 1993 Concert opening band?

I saw them on that tour – first time I saw them.  They played in Raleigh, NC at a packed outdoor pavilion.  Two warm-up bands:  Hothouse Flowers and Ziggy Marley.  Both bands were so good that I was afraid MO couldn’t keep it going - - - but they absolutely tore it up.  Start-to-finish it was the best show I’d ever seen.


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Subject: [powderworks] 1993 Concert opening band?


Did the Chieftans open for MO in their US tour in 93 (would have been
ESM)? I seem to remember they were.

That jogged a memory as I saw the Chieftans (or the remnants thereof) in
Galway a couple months back. In fact, we just happened to catch their
show (called Trad on the Prom) on their 10th anniversary (so it was very
long and filled with a truly ridiculous collection of musical and
dancing talent). By their own admission they love not touring, but
their music was still something to behold.

Anyway, carry on!


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