Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Subject: "Dreamworld" cover
From: Tim Frommer
Date: 1/07/2014, 3:53 am
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

I don't post to the list but once every half-dozen years, now three times in a week.

Was in my local Sunday and heard (I think for the first time) a cover of "Dreamworld" by the American sorta-emo, sorta-punk band Hot Water Music. Pretty straight reading of the song but certainly could have been much worse. 

Some internet sleuthing turned up that it appeared on a compilation from 2001 called Plea for Peace.

We've already established my memory is, ahem, shorter than it used to be so if this rocketed around the list 13 years ago, apologies for the duplicate. OK, back to quiet mode 'til 2020 or so!

-Tim F.