Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

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Date: 28/06/2014, 9:36 pm
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Hi Stephen,


Glad you are enjoying it.  I magnified the original photo and both CD singles you didn’t recognise are both for “White Skin, Black Heart”  off RNW.


There were quite a few singles and 12” singles I had never seen.  Some overseas releases, some on vinyl which were about the time CD’s were starting to take over.  To have absolutely everything in one’s collection would be impressive.






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I'm halfway through this one. Great soundtrack. 

One question. At 11:09 there's a box of singles. What is the single on the right? It seems to have the drawing of a woman's face on it. Also there a partial shot of one beneath. I don't recognise either.






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Hello to the 4 groups of people who peruse this great web page group.


1.       Shakers

2.       Movers

3.       Powderworkers

4.       Powderlurker  


I have now completed my 2nd photo slide show from the opening day of the Making of Midnight Oil exhibition at Manly Art Gallery and Museum.


Please enjoy.  The video I took leading up to the expo and after will be published in the next few weeks or so.


Thankyou to the Powderlurker.  I used his photo of all the band members who attended the expo opening in my slide show.  It fitted in well with what I wanted at the end.  A few photos and portraits at the end of the slide show were not at the expo but I thought it was a nice way to end it.


Regrads always,