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That would have been an interesting conversation with Martin - the marketing person saying "so we are opening an exhibition that reflects a huge part of your life so be there at 9 dressed in black...." and the response being "well I am off to brazil to watch the soccer" or whatever. I guess there's a message there about what's important in life!

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Apparently Martin is O/S on holidays.  As Stu has said pink jumpsuit is definitely oils on the water.  Look at the clip for Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers and it clearly shows RH wearing it.  It matches the pink leopard suit the BORAT looking dude in the horn section is wearing……..




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Thanks for the pic.


A couple of comments:


Can understand Bones not being able to make it, being in Nashville  and all, but if Andrew James is there (as well he should be), where's Martin?


(On AJ, I think I've discovered his post Oils band's name. They popped out a single in the late 80s which was about Auschwitz (I dimly recall). They were called The Change and the song was Forever young. Does this ring any bells with anyone? I can't find it on the Intertubes.)


Is Giffo wearing some Wicked weasel attire beneath his otherwise conventional outfit - he may be laughing because he's keeping his more idiosyncratic fashion choices to himself, unlike....


... Rob. Oh Rob. Wearing a hot pink jumpsuit and matching Buggles specs (thanks to an earlier poster for pointing out this parallel) may or may not have been a great fashion statement, but unless there is a high population density of yellow bellied black snakes in in the gallery, tucking the legs into long blue Explorer socks isn't really helping.


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