Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

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Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

I think you're on the money there Stu...but I can't recall the Buggles/Brains from The Thunderbirds specs from anywhere.
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I'm guessing the pink jump suit is from the Oils on the Water gig. 30 years ago!



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Thanks for the pic.

A couple of comments:

Can understand Bones not being able to make it, being in Nashville  and all, but if Andrew James is there (as well he should be), where's Martin?

(On AJ, I think I've discovered his post Oils band's name. They popped out a single in the late 80s which was about Auschwitz (I dimly recall). They were called The Change and the song was Forever young. Does this ring any bells with anyone? I can't find it on the Intertubes.)

Is Giffo wearing some Wicked weasel attire beneath his otherwise conventional outfit - he may be laughing because he's keeping his more idiosyncratic fashion choices to himself, unlike....

... Rob. Oh Rob. Wearing a hot pink jumpsuit and matching Buggles specs (thanks to an earlier poster for pointing out this parallel) may or may not have been a great fashion statement, but unless there is a high population density of yellow bellied black snakes in in the gallery, tucking the legs into long blue Explorer socks isn't really helping.

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