Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

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One question. It was said that a new song was being used at the ‎exhibition. It was Ghost something. I'm assuming it's the demo track Ghost that's been floating around for years. 
How are they incorporating it in the exhibition?

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Sure did. Loads of t shirts from many eras. Plus CDs and the black rain falls DVD. Hats too. 



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Thanks for sharing.

Just out of curiosity did they have anything MO  related for sale ?

Cheers, Bazza.

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Nice on Stuart - glad to see you're keeping things going to the next gen.

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Checked out the exhibit at manly this morn. Incredible! Relived my youth (and beyond) thru posters venues t shirts ticket stubs etc. Well worth it. My kids loved it as well - grooving to the music and loving the mocked up Antler room. Thought I might bump into some familiar faces! And we did.

I'll be back for another visit soon.