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I agree with most of that. In the Rain is a standout track for me. With Pete being the sole songwriter I wonder how he wrote it. Is he a proficient enough guitar or piano player or did he just hum it to the other guys? Maybe he composed it all on his harp. ;-)

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My basically worthless opinion, track by track....

Sins of Omission (I've often thought that if the Oil's had pushed this song out in '93, their last decade might have followed a rather different trajectory)
In The Rain (reminds me of early stuff like Koala Sprint, and the falsetto chorus is exquisite)
E-Beat (OK, so it's kinda EaSaM redux, but it's great)
Barest Degree (I seem to recall Mark Dodshon's book explaining that Rob hates what happened to his song, but I love it)

Nearly Excellent:
Surf's Up Tonight (I always resented that this was on 20,000 Watts instead of E-Beat or Sins of Omission, but that doesn't make it a bad song)
Time To Heal (the instrumental section from 2:10 through 2:47 is excellent, but over way too soon)
Star of Hope (for some reason people remember this album as being folky, but it's actually pretty dark and grungy. This song tries both, with grungy verses and a folky chorus, and it doesn't quite gel. But I love the grungy bits.)
Bring On the Change (here's one that I'd love to hear a total remix on, I suspect there's a perfectly classic Oils song under the weird production)

Underwater (an interesting experiment. I always think I don't like this song until I listen to it, then I remember that I just don't like the first 40 seconds before it gets into gear. The last 2 minutes are pretty good.)
Common Ground (I actually really like the "Nothing's Left, Nothing's Found" hook in the chorus)
Home (somehow a Neil Young song crept onto this Oils album? I like it, but I'm not sure what it's doing here)
Gravelrash (the song is fine, but a guitar instrumental deserves a more interesting guitar sound than this, and the album's characteristic mushy drums get to me on this track more than most)

I Don't Really Get 'Em (but they probably aren't objectively bad):
One Too Many Times (um. I don't really have anything to say about this song. It bores me stupid)

- Chris
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I thought RW was mostly excellent, especially after Breathe disappointed me.  That said, even as a "disappointing" album, Breathe has 3 tracks on it that I consider excellent:  E-Beat, Barest Degree, and Bring on the Change.  But the whole album is mixed in such a murky, lo-fi way that it grates on my nerves for muting so much of that distinctive 'Oily' sound.
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Is liking RW a controversial opinion around here? Personally I've always felt that it's the best of the post-Diesel albums.

As for Breathe, well. It's got a few great songs, but the pacing is strange. I listen to it with a playlist that drops One Too Many Times and it livens up a bunch.
I do think there's potential there to really shine on a different mix, but...I dunno, it's kinda unique. Maybe leave it alone.


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count me in...but then I actually reckon RW is a ripper, so I'm used to being a pariah

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Leave Breathe alone.

I might be one of only a few, but I like it, just as it is.  ; )


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I see the remastered CD series goes up to ESM... Would it be too much to ask for that Breathe actually be REMIXED rather than just remastered???! (Give the tapes to Nick Launay and let him work his magic!) Cheers, Trevor
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For those who will be looking to do the pre-order thing for the remasters may want to consider holding off until they are released. For those of you internationally i guess it also comes down to shipping, but for those in Aust i have been reliably told from someone who will know 100% that the remasters will be priced a $10 each thru JB Hifi & Sanity. At present the remasters are not listed on JB & they are on Sanity. Now even though there listed on sanity for anywhere from $9.99 for the EPs up to $15 -$22 for the albums i have been reassured that quote :
Those prices will come into effect day of release”

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