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Subject: Re: [powderworks] RE: remasters & preorders
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Date: 17/06/2014, 1:21 pm
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I see the remastered CD series goes up to ESM... Would it be too much to ask for that Breathe actually be REMIXED rather than just remastered???! (Give the tapes to Nick Launay and let him work his magic!) Cheers, Trevor
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Subject: [powderworks] RE: remasters & preorders


For those who will be looking to do the pre-order thing for the remasters may want to consider holding off until they are released. For those of you internationally i guess it also comes down to shipping, but for those in Aust i have been reliably told from someone who will know 100% that the remasters will be priced a $10 each thru JB Hifi & Sanity. At present the remasters are not listed on JB & they are on Sanity. Now even though there listed on sanity for anywhere from $9.99 for the EPs up to $15 -$22 for the albums i have been reassured that quote :


Those prices will come into effect day of release”